Celebrating America's Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.

Organicboi-Make America Green Again

Our mission is to be the number one platform for America’s eco-community through the power of digital media. Our goal is to not only inform consumers of ways to live green, but to inspire readers to live well in a life of complete bliss sustainably. Our premiere issue is filled with numerous tips on how we can Make America Green Again! You don’t want to miss a single article in our very first digital publication.


Photo Credit Xavier Lee


Magazines are nothing without a recipe or two. Our recipes are developed with sustainability in mind. We only use ingredients that are organic or sustainably sourced. Our first issue includes a sublime guacamole recipe that will have your guests asking for more. Enjoy this delectable recipe year round.



Herb Handbook 

The use of herbs is nothing new, but our featured herb handbook in Organicboi Magazine will inspire you to incorporate herbs in your daily life. Some herbs can be used for medicinal & culinary purposes, while other herbs are simply ornamental. Herbs are here to stay and so is our Herb Handbook to get you on the right track of using herbs regularly.


Green Shelf 

There is always room to discover, explore, and learn something new. Green Shelf will be the section to turn to when you are in need of finding a book filled with inspiration to live well.


Eco Hero  

A quarterly segment featuring an exclusive interview with trailblazers that are making a difference, changing consumers lives, and educating the world to be a greener tomorrow.