City Maid Green

There are so many national brands that produce products claiming to be “free and clear” of harsh chemicals. Sadly if you look at numerous skin care product ingredients, some are not as free and clear as you think. Years ago I suffered from a common skin condition eczema. In fact according to the National Eczema Association over 30 million Americans may have Dermatitis aka eczema.

City Maid Green | Lavender Herb Lotion
City Maid Green | Lavender Herb Lotion

Over time my eczema got so bad I had to go see an Dermatologist, and found out I had to make a few changes. Learning that some laundry detergents, hand soaps, body washes, lotions, and other cleaning agents may include synthetic fragrances, dyes, harsh chemicals, and other unnatural ingredients. These additives were part of the problem for making my eczema just get out of hand.

Thankfully one Saturday afternoon after leaving a local teahouse Infusion Tea. I spotted a small retail shop by the name of City Maid Green, so I was curious and wondered what this shop was all about. I noticed the shops name seemed to be a eco-friendly place to go. I walked in, and found out this local shop was selling what I had been looking for a very longtime. Body and skin care products without all the toxic junk, as well as safe cleaning products for the home.

City Maid Green | Men's Bay Lime Body Wash
City Maid Green | Men’s Bay Lime Body Wash

What makes City Maid Green products different? There are NO synthetic fragrances at all. Products are scented with pure organic essential oils only. CMG products don’t include any dyes, parabens, phthalates, toluene, or other toxic chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your health and wellness. All products at City Maid Green are plant-based(vegan), which is great because there are numerous cleaning and skincare products that include animal by-products. YUCK! In my opinion there is nothing cool or healing implementing animal ingredients into skincare or cleaning products. All products you encounter at the City Maid Green shop or on their website are made locally in Orlando, Fl right inside CGM’s boutique.

City Maid Green | 2114 Edgewater Dr. | Orlando, Fl 32804 | 321.418.5317 | Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

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