5 Holiday Savings on Sustainable Brands

The holiday season can be very expensive if you are not finding the best deals purchasing food to entertain your guests. Don’t worry, weekly during the most wonderful time of the year. I will be featuring coupon links and special promotions for organic & sustainable natural brands to make things a little easier. I’m starting this week off with my first 5 favorite brands. Remember to share these saving tips with friends and family.

1. Applegate

Time doesn’t always permit me to stand in line to wait for service at a deli counter, but I still want meat that tastes great and was raised sustainably without all of the fillers and preservatives that some cold-cut meats include. I turn to Applegate. My favorite is the famous organic black forest ham. The flavor of the black forest ham is just sublime and luscious. I’ve tried so many other brands and I’ve yet to find another packaged cold cut as good as the organic black forest ham. There are no GMOs or artificial flavors to be found in this product as this particular product is certified organic. Give it a try this holiday season, maybe at lunch time before the big Christmas feast.

Photo Credit: Applegate Organic Black Forest Ham
Photo Credit: Applegate Organic Black Forest Ham

Other GREAT products from Applegate:

Organic Sunday Bacon

The Great Organic Beef Hot Dog

Find a coupon @ applegate.com/coupons



2. Enjoy Life Foods

One night I had a bit of a sweet tooth while walking through the supermarket, but I was looking for something that was dairy-free and non-GMO. I found Enjoy Life Foods soft-baked double chocolate brownie cookies. I was pretty impressed how great the cookies tasted. Especially since these cookies are basically allergy-friendly, free of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish. Products are also made without sulfites, sesame, potato, and casein. The best part is that there is nothing artificial, even with all of the ingredients that most cookie companies utilize. The chocolate is just right and not overbearing or bitter.

Coupon @ enjoylifefoods.com/coupons

Enjoy Life's Food Soft Baked Double Brownie Cookies
Enjoy Life’s Food Soft Baked Double Brownie Cookies


3. Dakota Grass Fed Beef

Occasionally, I like to enjoy a nice juicy burger, but not just any burger, but a 100% organic grass-fed beef patty.  You have to be careful purchasing grass-fed meat products, because if the label doesn’t indicate that the beef was 100% grass fed. You could possibility be consuming a beef product that was started on grains and then later finished with grass. But if that’s not important to you, then you are ok, but for me true sustainability is a key factor when I am purchasing meat at all costs. The grass fed beef is flavorful and better tasting, in my opinion, than the conventionally raised beef you might normally spot in a supermarket.  Treat yourself to the best quality beef. Sign up for Dakota Organic’s e-newsletter and receive a $1.00 off coupon.

coupon @ grassfedbeef.com/newsletter

Dakota 100% Organic Grass-Fed Beef
Dakota 100% Organic Grass-Fed Beef

4. Rudis Bakery

Besides the meat on a sandwich, the bread is the next best thing to complete a nice delectable handheld. If the bread is terrible, the whole sandwich is a total disaster. The moment I tried Rudis Bakery organic whole wheat hamburger buns, I had to ask myself what in the world was I eating before. Once you try these buns you will be hooked, and don’t feel bad if you do. The organic bread products are free of any artificial chemicals, preservatives, and harsh pesticides. So eat ON!

Rudis Bakery Organic Whole Wheat Buns
Rudis Bakery Organic Whole Wheat Buns



Other Great products from Rudis Bakery:

Organic Spelt Tortillas

Organic Whole Wheat Hot Dogs

coupon@ Rudisbakery.com/organic/loaf-for-less/



5. Whole Foods Market

Yes! I know the national organic grocer, Whole Foods Market, is really a retail store and not really a brand, but their coupon selections ROCK. Just think if you have a manufacturers coupon for a particular product, you can pair that coupon with a Whole Foods Market store coupon for additional savings. $$$$$ Shop SMART!


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