6 Organic Valentine’s Treats To LOVE

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s once again another opportunity to purchase candy. Chocolate is the prized choice of candy during this lovely holiday to celebrate love, but there are also numerous candy manufacturers that produce confections with artificial sweeteners, colorings, & artificial flavors. YUCK! This Valentine’s your loved one deserves something pure, organic, & sweet without all the unnecessary additives. Often times, organic confections taste better than low-end candies that consumers might purchase at premium price points. Do your research and always make sure you read the ingredients list. Below are six of my favorite organic selections that I hope you and your honey will love this Valentine’s Day.

  1. TRUJOY Sweets Organic Lollipops– The taste of Trujoy’s cherry lollipops are simply heavenly. These sinful delights are made with organic cane sugar and organic fruit juice for color. There are absolutely no artificial color or flavors infused in these fine confections. TruJoy donates a minimum of 1% of their product sales to numerous organizations that support environmental causes.
  2. Theo “my cherry baby”– From lollipops to a delectable chocolate bar that’s sure to please any chocolate lover. Cherry baby is made with 45% organic & fairtrade milk chocolate. The cherry notes that you will find sinfully blissful are from organic dried sour cherries & freeze-dried cherries. You don’t want to miss out sharing this wonderful tasty chocolate bar with a special loved one.
  3. TRUJOY Sweets Choco Chews-These little tasty treats remind me of tootsie rolls but made with better ingredients. There is organic cocoa powder & organic chocolate liquor with a note of organic vanilla flavor in these tasty chews. Great taste with no foreign substances that you can’t recognize. Give Choco Chews a try, you won’t be disappointed. Choco Chews are vegan, kosher, and corn syrup free. Artificial colors and flavors are NO where to be found.
  4. Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts-I fell in love when I had my first taste of these fruity hearts. Flavors of watermelon and cherry begin to fill my taste buds with sweetness and my heart filled with joy. Surf Sweets are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy free, corn syrup free, and made in a nut-free facility.
  5. Pacific Redwood Organic RED-Why Wine? Some consumers love to pair their chocolate with wine and if not, oh well. We still love to drink wine on Valentine’s Day with a special someone. Pacific Redwood produces the best organic wine I’ve tasted. Organic RED is a medium-bodied wine packed with flavors of blackberry and plum. Pacific Redwood wines are from Redwood Valley, California. A special occasion wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of the red goodness we call wine.
  6. Theo Cinnamon Crunch-This crunchy chocolate bar has a touch of spiciness. Not too intense, but just enough to go, ok cinnamon, you actually do exist. Cinnamon crunch is made with 70% dark chocolate that’s organic and fair trade. This is the perfect chocolate bar for someone that wants a little spicy excitement paired with the finest sustainably sourced chocolate.

One More Thing

Looking to make something special, delicious, and filled with chocolate? How about making a chocolate babka with mixed nuts. Start first by shopping for very good quality dark chocolate. You don’t want to use chocolate that has been highly processed you won’t get the same results and in the end, you may be disappointed. When it comes down to shopping for good chocolate there is no such thing as cutting corners. This chocolate babka can be made for your next dinner party, holiday gathering, or just because. The love of chocolate is universal there’s no doubt about that. Thanks to the food & lifestyle website Jen Reviews for sharing this wonderful recipe with us. We like to know what you think. Click the image below for the full recipe.

photo by Jen Reviews