Why America Needs A Sugar Tax.

 There is no debating about whether America has a problem with diabetes & heart disease. Now, whether sugar is the cause for such high rates of these particular health problems is questionable. The topic of having a sugar tax seems to be picking up steam, but no one likes the term tax, especially when the term is a clear indication of government involvement.

Normally I wouldn’t support yet another tax, but I do think by implementing a sugar tax consumers will think twice about purchasing such vast amounts of sugary drinks. I’ve worked in the supermarket industry for years and still today I’m blown away how often and how many people consume not just soda, but juices that are marketed as healthy with 40 grams of sugar or more.

Some consumers go as far as pairing a sugary drink with a doughnut every morning adding more grams of sugar per day. I start to ask myself just where does this cycle stop, and at what point did we become like zombies, that seem to be nearly on a sugar-ONLY diet.

Unfortunately, there is no current bar or regulation stating the recommended daily amount of sugar one should consume. Public health organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association both seem to agree that “added sugars” is what we should limit and consume more of naturally occurring sugars that are found in foods such as fruit and milk. Sugary drinks are not the only root cause of consumers gathering piles & piles of sugar daily. There are so many sugary products on the market such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, and the list can go on and one. I’m not in any way implying don’t consume any of these foods at all but just monitor intake of added sugars.

I know some will look at the “Sugar Tax” as some sort of punishment, but that is not the intention of this surcharge. We have a major problem in our society that needs to be settled. I don’t want to see my generation or any generation dying so young, because of something we can fix by educating our society about health & nutrition.