R.I.P. Wild Oats

Wild Oaks Organic WalmartWild Oats, Walmart’s low-cost organic food brand will soon vanish from the retailers shelves. Which is no surprise to me as most Walmart consumers are probably not thinking of purchasing organic, but just to keep food on the table to feed their families. Low income levels of some Walmart consumers and lack of education on industrial agriculture practices doesn’t help the sales of organic food at Wal-Mart neither. Personally, I wasn’t at all a fan on how Walmart presented the Wild Oats brand. Most of the packaging looked cheap and there wasn’t anything exciting about the brand other than it was certified organic. I don’t even recall watching a Walmart commercial that featured organic products. I really think most of their consumers just simply ignored Wild Oats or just wasn’t aware of the brand at all. It’s pretty clear that the national retailer did very little to bring organic food to the forefront.

On the other hand, Target seems to be the new health food store for Millennials. Simply Balanced, Target’s natural & organic brand is growing at a rapid rate. Every time I go into Target I tend to find a new organic product. The price points are incredible, so I don’t feel like i’m breaking the bank. I think what Target has done with the Simply Balanced brand is master. You can easily identify which products are apart of Target’s natural lifestyle brand, just by the color scheme and the simply balanced logo. I’ve found that SuperTarget stores are pretty good at informing consumers about organic food through marketing materials on the aisles. There is more push for organic product at Target, plus Target consumers seem to have higher income earnings and are higher educated. By the way, if you don’t have Target’s saving app Cartwheel, you just might be missing out on amazing deals on numerous products. Hold your applause for a second. If you are a Target debt/credit card cardholder, you can save an additional 5% on your grand total.

Go to your local Target and find out more information.

SO LONG Wild Oats!

FAVORITE Simply-Balanced Product: Organic Roasted Red Pepper Hummus