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Sipp is by far the best organic soda I’ve tasted. I think of Sipp products as more of a line of mocktails rather than soda, because of the many sophisticated flavors that are paired together. For instance, my favorite selection is the “Lemon Flower” that consist of myer lemon, elderflower, and tarragon natural flavors. I know it sounds a little awkward, but the taste is refreshing.

If you choose to, of course you can add alcohol if you are looking to have a good time. There is absolutely NO artificial flavors, colorings, dyes, or artificial sweeteners allowed in Sipp products. Sipp is certified organic, caffeine free, & gluten Free.

Other Flavors: Ginger Blossom, Summer Pear, Mojo Berry, & Zesty Orange

Find out more information on Sipp’s website 

  • Taste & Quality
  • Packaging
  • Price Point ≈$6.99/4 Pack
  • Sustainability/ Eco-Friendly


The best organic soda on the market, but I hope to see one day the price point decrease just a tad.

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