Loose Tea VS. Bagged Tea

The idea of this podcast came to me when I had a conversation about tea with my follow co-workers about making the perfect cup of tea. There were numerous questions, because some of my co-workers haven’t experienced tea like the way I have for years. Although, I must say I am an avid tea consumer, so I really know what to look for when it comes down to flavor and quality.

What I have noticed is most consumers that do drink tea, have never experienced tea at its best. People are still into bagged teas, not just because they want to, but possibly because bagged tea is all some consumers are aware of. For a longtime, I had no reference as to what loose tea was, and in fact, didn’t even know it existed. When I did finally try a loose tea my world opened up and the sun was bright again. Wow! The amount of flavor that filled my taste buds was pretty spectacular. I am not claiming that bagged tea has no flavor, but loose tea is a total different experience.

Having knowledge on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea with loose tea leaves is vital. If loose tea is prepared incorrectly, you could end up with a bitter & bold taste. Now if thats how you like it great, but you won’t get to enjoy the good flavor. The temperature of the water to steep tea is also an important factor. If the water is too hot, you could possibly burn the tea, especially if you are steeping either a green or white tea. Most green tea’s you don’t want to go over 175 Degrees, but most bagged tea manufactures no matter what type of tea will instruct you to heat water to boiling point.

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