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3 Ways To Save When Hosting A Party.


Hosting parties is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. Connecting and chatting with friends and family members is something I enjoy immensely. No matter the time of year I can always come up with an excuse to throw a party. Year after year, countless amount of dollars I spent on my lavish parities, at some point I started to wonder what are some ways I could cut costs, but still have unforgettable experiences guests would remember.

1. Paper Towels
One of the first things I noticed we could cost was the bathroom, meaning the amount of paper towels that I seem to go through like crazy. The price point on paper goods have skyrocketed and most brands don’t use recyclable elements to produce towels. I really started to think they were wasteful environmentally, plus starting to rip into my budget as well everytime I would host a party.

Solution: I found some really inexpensive hand towels that I reuse over and over. My suggestion is don’t get white hand towels because they could get stained and you don’t want to waste time with a problematic issue. Hosting parties should be easy and not stressful. At some point when your party is over, or when you do laundry next time, just toss your hand towels in the washer and dryer and they are ready to use again. You will save tons of dollars party after party.

2. Plastic Cups

Unless you have found cups that are made from plant materials, you might be  contributing to world’s climate change issues. All the elements combined to produce plastic cups could be harmful to our environment.  We don’t think about our environment when we are drinking a nice refreshing beverage during the summer time. Price points on plastic cups has also sky rocketed sending plastic cup price points well over $4.00 a package. Can you imagine how much money you are wasting cup after cup, party after party?

Solution: The simple solution is to invest in good glassware. You won’t have to invest in plastic cups again over and over. Just think you could save those plastic cup funds and go to a great movie instead. Glassware is eco-friendly, because you are no longer adding more wasteful elements(trash) into the environment to try to break down.

3. Aluminum Pans

Most consumers seem to purchase aluminum pans when cooking for parities at their own place. I understand if you are bringing food over to another location, but baking or cooking in your own home purchasing aluminum pans is not cost effective & unnecessary. There is even research claiming that cooking food on aluminum may not be the best your health & well-being.

Solution: Stop wasting your dollars on aluminum products every time you go to the supermarket. Purchase nice bakeware and nice ceramic serving platters from a house wares store you love & trust. The end to spending extra money on aluminum pans at every party you host is history and you can reduce extra waste materials that aren’t biodegradable.



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