United Kingdom’s natural skin care brand Lush Cosmetics North American division is currently looking out for our grizzly bears that are need of our help. The brand just released a documentary TROPHY on saving grizzly bears in the U.S. , which is something really dear to us at Organicboi Media. Incase you didn’t know, Trophy hunting is selective hunting for wild animals like bears for recreational purposes. According to the Washington Post, 298 bears were killed last year during Florida’s bear hunt. Of course these were black bears and not grizzly bears. The point that we are making is there seems to be some type of target for the bear community as a whole, grizzly or not. We have to come together as a nation and learn how to live and breathe with grizzly bears. The direction we are going taking action killing these beautiful wonderful animals is wrong. We have to do something to make our Yellowstone National Park greater than ever and it doesn’t start with killing our grizzly friends. Watch Trophy below for more information on grizzly bears and how you can help. Thanks to Lush Cosmetics North America and everyone who helped produce this project.