Trump & The Eco Community



One of my main concerns about the new president-elect is where does the eco community stand in a storm of numerous issues. I have to say I was really said that neither of the candidates went into details as to what we can do to save our planet. Hearing reports of the earth warming up just doesn’t sit well with me.

Unfortunately, President-elect Trump thinks Climate Change is a hoax made by the Chinese and I never thought that was a smart thing to say, especially since it seems to me China is one the places on the globe that seems to be suffering the most from the damaging effects of dirty manufacturing. From time to time I have  witness videos of China and just watching all the smog in major cities in China is just devastating. I can’t imagine living in those kind of conditions.

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”-Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

I think it’s pretty clear that since Trump is not living in those very harsh conditions, it seems that it’s hard for him to make the connection on how these damaging elements are making a negative impact in Chinese residents health, wellness, and lifestyle. Because of all the issues China is having I really think we can learn something about striving for a cleaner America. We have our environmental issues, but it doesn’t look as bad to the degree China is experiencing. I’m hoping Trump will be open to learning more about global warming and not shutting the door period.

Back here at home we are also witnessing the effects of global warming as well. Watching CBS Sunday Morning there happen to be a segment on the many glaciers that are slowly starting to disappear because of the earth’s warmer temperatures. Currently, there are numerous markers indicating dates and where glaciers were once located in the wonderful Glacier National Park . Watching this report I thought to myself “WOW! This is just devastating and there has to be a reason why this is taking place after the vast amount of years these glaciers survived.” Watching all these events take place I just don’t understand how one could be so closed to the idea and not wanting to learn more about how global warming could affect our future.

Glacier National Park | Jacob W. Frank
Glacier National Park | Jacob W. Frank

Although we will have a president that seems to be anti-eco we still have to fight for what’s right. Writing letters to the next Presidential administration stating the importance of investing in clean energy technology I think would be a wise citizen action. Educating the public on the negative effects of climate change and what we can do as consumers & citizens to support our eco community would make a difference. Natural disasters will continue to take place and it’s just a voice from mother nature that something is wrong and only we can do something about it. Unfortunately, the way the I see it, if we don’t make a change and take action to save our earth there could be a time when it’s just to late to preserve. We don’t need Trump to do all the work, we just need a president that will be supportive and not willing to place people in power that could potentially jeopardize our ecosystem.

As a voice of the eco-community, this is my message to you Mr. Trump. We are watching and waiting for you to stand up for our earth and community as a whole. Please don’t fail us now, as we have come to far with trying to make America better environmentally. Our eco-community is fighting for human rights by fighting for a better food system that improves our soil health and a number of other eco issues. We still have a long way to go, but please don’t turn back all of the progress we have made. Our earth is all we have and without it, we are NOTHING. Thanks.