Amazon GO is America’s New Market Without NO Checkout Lanes!

Working in the supermarket industry for years I can tell you from first hand experience that most consumers hate standing in lines at crowded supermarkets. I don’t care how much they love a brand or product, no one loves standing in lane for long periods at a time. Some supermarkets across the nation have implemented self-checkout lanes which some consumers love, but then the issue with these systems are having to wait on someone to override items or having to deal with system malfunctions. There are still numerous problematic issues with self-checkout systems that seem to take a little to long to fix. Amazon seems to have a solution for all of these adversities with their new high-tech grocery store Amazon GO.

The new store concept is pretty simply, consumers walk into the online connected store with their smartphone with the Amazon GO app open and ready to scan at the turnstile. Customer starts shopping and selects items off the shelves and then walks out. Now where the tech comes in is how Amazon detects what items you have selected off the shelves. Amazon’s checkout-free experience is using the same type of technologies that are currently used in self-driving cars to determine what items consumers pick up. When the customer is done shopping, consumer will have the freedom to walk out without the checkout craziness. Shortly after, items will be charged to their Amazon account.

In terms of sustainability of food products that are sold, we have no information on what type of ingredients Amazon Go will be using to make ready to go selections for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We are hoping Amazon has at least thought about food sustainability and not just the brilliant concept of NO checkout lanes. Millennials are looking for food sources that are reasonably priced, but also good in quality and sustainable for health & wellness. We will be asking Amazon these vital questions and will follow up with you on another blog post.