Will Ivanka Trump Be The Next Climate Change Superhero?

President-elect Trump has clearly made his point on what he thinks about climate change. Unfortunately, even after the election when so many have spoken out about the negative affects of climate change, Trump continues to simply ignore global warming. Although it seems Trump will not change his thoughts on Global Warming his daughter Ivanka seems to care about our environmental issues just a tad. According to a report by Politico, Ivanka Trump is exploring ways to use her new spotlight and position to advocate the fight against global warming.

This all sounds great, but it seems to me there hasn’t been any real proof that Ivanka has been seriously thinking about being a champion of climate change. Numerous environmentalists across America are hoping this not so sure information is true, then again having hope is not such a bad thing whether its or not.

I think a great deal of what some eco-conscious consumers are hoping is that Trump’s daughter will inspire the new president-elect to take another look at some of the environmental issues. Maybe Ivanka can persuade Trump to use some federal funding to keep clean energy technology on the right path.

I am dreaming nicely, but there is an issue that could prohibit Mr.Trump from dealing with green issues and that’s his promise to reactivate the cool industry to its full potential like decades ago. The problem with that is coal isn’t necessary clean energy and other countries our experiencing these issues at a degrading level such as New Delhi & China with almost zero visibility in some parts. This is the real reason in America we have numerous regulations on the coal industry, because of dangerous situations that can escalate to this point. No one is against the energy industry, but it’s definitely time to seek out other forms of energy that is safe and non-toxic for our ecosystem. Unfortunately, we don’t see Donald Trump looking at this way as much as he is looking at the countless dollars and the praise he will get if he is successful at bringing the coal industry back to life.

In America, we are lucky in so many ways environmentally, but others not so and this is hopefully where Ivanka will become a champion. We are facing issues like citizens in Flint, Michigan drinking toxic water and guacamole-like water conditions have appeared along the East coat of Florida. Now, whether or not the water has something to do with climate change is another conversation for another time, but we are experiencing environmental issues that have put a dent into citizens lifestyles. All we can do is cross our fingers that Ivanka Trump will fight for what’s right and stand up for issues that her soon to be President of the United States of America lacks.