2017 Summer Reading List

It’s finally the dog days of summer and our days are numbered. Fall is just around the corner,  you don’t want to miss out on a summer adventure. We have discovered four books that will inspire you to get out your salad bowl and toss a nice salad for lunch or dinner. There’s even a selection that will take your plant-based meals to another level. We hope you check out these selections and enjoy the taste of summer before it’s gone. 

1. Inspiralize Everything | Ali Maffucci


Spiralized produce is such a brilliant substitute for pasta. Yes, I know it’s not the same, but it’s much healthier. In my opinion, spiralized vegetables are more refreshing and tasty. Inspiralze Everything is literally a guide on how to spiralize almost anything from apples to zucchini. If spiralized produce is new to you or you are not comfortable yet, this is the book for you.

2. Too Good To Waste | Victoria Glass

In America, we are facing such a giant food waste issue which, unfortunately, is starting to affect our environment, and tons of food waste are going into our landfills daily. Victoria Glass wrote Too Good To Waste to inform home cooks how to get more out of whole foods using all parts of produce items to help reduce food waste. This book tackles food waste like never before.

3. Neighborhood | Hetty McKinnon

We are always on a search for something new and exciting. Hetty’s book Neighborhood will take you on a journey of new plant-based foods that are from her hometown and across the globe. If you are unable to travel the world, you can at least create dishes that will take you on an international exploration one dish at a time.

4. Sprouted | Caroline Bretherton 

Walking in the aisles of numerous supermarkets, you will soon encounter the term sprouted. Some consumers love sprouted foods and some consumers not so much, but if you love sprouted food or interested at all this is the guide to read. This book not only informs you about sprouted food but breaks down how to produce your own sprouted food from home. Sounds like a money-saving publication as some sprouted food items in supermarkets can be a little expensive. Enjoy the world of sprouted food with Caroline Bretherton book sprouted.







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