Welcome To The Parramore Farmers Market!


It’s Harvest Time!

The first farmers market organized by the city of Orlando opened in the Parramore district filled with vendors selling fresh local produce to combat the districts food dessert issue. One of the common problems in areas like the Parramore district is the lack of healthy foods available to help keep consumers in this area nourished. There are plenty of convenience stores filled with highly processed foods that are cheap but are causing obesity and other diet-related illnesses. What I love about this farmers market the most is that for the first time residents in Parramore will have access to fresh produce items that are either organic or produced without harmful toxic ingredients and that’s a big deal. Sometimes it’s not always the lack of knowledge but the lack of access to good food. Numerous consumers in this area have no form of transportation other than the city bus, and that can be a challenge when funds are already tight. Farmers Market guests that are on SNAP (food stamps) can purchase goods, and that makes everything more accessible and available for people in need of good healthy food. I enjoyed meeting all of the food vendors from the community garden program Growing Orlando to Fleet Farming. The farmers market will be open every Saturday morning from 8 am to 1 pm on the east side of the Orlando City Soccer Stadium. Come on out next Saturday and support the local community and start off the new year right. Happy New Year!

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