America’s Green Wireless Network

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Verizon Wireless famous checkmark maybe red, but they are also green in so many ways. The national telecommunications company exceeded their goal in 2009 to reduce their carbon footprint by 50% by 2020. Since then the company has set a new goal to cut their carbon intensity in half over 2016 levels by 2025. Verizon has been tackling many inefficiencies that come with operating one of nation’s largest wireless network. Numerous companies love to greenwash consumers with a bunch of information that sounds like they are doing something great for the environment, but Verizon Wireless is truly making a difference day in and day out to help persevere our beautiful planet earth.

Now, the big question is how are they reaching their goals quickly and what types of sustainable practices are being implemented? The past six years Verizon Wireless has been investing in green energy by using solar and fuel cell technology to help power many of their facilities. The wireless company has developed sustainable programs that help wireless customers become eco-conscious, and Verizon also has an annual corporate responsibility report that reports their progress and sustainable goals for the future.

Verizon Wireless currently has a device recycling program that rewards customers recycling their unwanted phones to keep them out of the landfills that could negatively impact our ecosystem. This is great because there are so many wireless users that are always looking to upgrade their phones. Just think of the number of phones that go unwanted after their two years is up or when wireless users are due for an upgrade. If you step back and think about all the consumers in America that use a wireless device, we are talking a vast number of phones that are potentially going into the landfill daily, simply because most wireless users have no idea what to do with their old phones. The other plus to recycling cell phones is it opens the door to producing something new out of recyclable elements that later would have been emitting something toxic into the air. According to Verizon, in 2017 customers returned millions of devices for recycling, now that is something to brag about in this technology-driven era.

Meeting sustainable goals is a top priority at Verizon they are providing and coming up with green solutions for numerous industries around the nation that generally produce staggering amounts of emissions a year, including transportation, construction, utilities, healthcare, and many others industries. Verizon has been an energy star partner five years in a row by building retail stores that are energy-efficient. Verizon has proved their commitment to keeping our eco-system beautiful for years to come.

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Featured Image: Verizon Wireless Basking Ridge Operational Headquarters

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