Winter is gone, and spring is finally here. Although I must say I greatly enjoyed the winter edition kombucha with rose, blood orange, and hibiscus time doesn’t stop for anything. Recently, I tried GT’S bloom spring edition kombucha filled with notes of elderflower, jasmine, and violet. I’m stuck between which version I like better, but if I had to make a choice right at this moment I would say the spring edition is best. I am a little bias because I am a huge fan of the taste of elderflower.

If you haven’t tried the probiotic tea known as kombucha, you are missing out on all the health benefits. I believe kombucha is one of the best soda alternatives on the market. Conventionally produced soda has no health benefits and often loaded with awful ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and flavorings. True authentic kombucha is flavored with real botanicals, fruits, and herbs. There are many different brands on the market, but in my opinion, GT’S Living Foods produces the best-unfiltered kombucha that is available almost everywhere. Celebrate the season with a bottle of kombucha filled with the flavors of spring florals that will be sure to delight. Your body will thank you.

Don’t forget to support The Born This Way Foundation by posting a pic with GT’S Spring Edition kombucha bottle and use the hashtag #InFullBloom For more information, on this campaign view video below.

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