A New Shower For The Digital Era

Over the years there have been plenty of household appliances and home accessories that have either been redesigned or just left behind in a past time no longer needed because of advancement in technology. There is one product that I am astonished its taken this long to be reinvented, and that’s the shower. A place where we all visit at least twice a day to cleanse our body to wash away a long day. A time where we can relax or possibly mediate for a short time.

A company by the name of Livin Shower will be bringing a new experience to a bathroom near you. Livin Shower is a digital smart shower fixture that lets you start shower right away with your preferred desired temperature from a mobile app or by the Livin Shower valve dial. I love the idea of pre-starting the shower to get the water to the right temperature, because who likes to step into a cold shower?

Livin Shower
Livin Shower

There is also a feature to pause water flow while you shower to help save water while keeping desired water temperature. The smart digital device will keep track of the duration of your shower so that you are conscious of much water you are using each time. I’m sure all of us have taken long showers without one thought in our minds how much water we are using because there hasn’t been a device until now that measures water usage so its never really come to the forefront.

Worried about child safety in the shower? Worry no more living shower has a baby mode that will keep your child safe from scorching temperatures that could burn a child’s delicate skin. Learn more about this fantastic new shower device that will upgrade your shower experience to the next level. You can pre-order Livin Shower at livinshower.com

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