Whole Foods Market Halts GMO Labeling Promise

Five years ago, Whole Foods Market announced they would require brands to inform consumers of the presence of GMOs by mandatory labeling on food packaging. Unfortunately, the health-food chain has put the mandatory GMO labeling program deadline of September 2018 on pause. I am hoping they will keep their promise because as consumers it’s our right to know what ingredients and practices used that are producing foods we all consume on a daily basis.

I’m hoping the health-conscious grocer will stand its ground and don’t let the government come in and try to change things. We have come way to far to turn back the clock. I am not sure to the degree how operations at Whole Foods Market have changed since the grocer was purchase by tech giant Amazon, but one thing for sure if WFM doesn’t make the right decisions for the conscious consumer things could go into the wrong direction with our food industry quickly. Consumers will start to seek other health food grocers that are upholding their promise of food transparency.

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