Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

Annually there are marches and festivals that are for clean energy awareness, but do you honestly know about what renewable energy really is and when it all started? You may not know as much as you think. Sure, I believe most citizens have some idea of what renewable energy is, but there is so much to learn and so little time if we as a society want eco-friendly green tech to take off. I challenge you to take a moment and watch HBO’s documentary Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution. I, myself, was utterly blown away by all the many solutions that are available or future energy solutions that are on the horizon but need more support to become a reality. There is no doubt about green energy will be the future but the yellow brick road to get where we need to be has a few stumbling blocks in the way. This film was released in 2017 and within the same year, President Trump was inaugurated into office which brought a new head of the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency), Scott Pruitt. Most Americans felt environmental issues had taken a step backward to a time when eco issues were last on the list. The one thing we know for sure is with public support for clean energy there is little government can do to stop the clean energy revolution. The good news is even with all the craziness going on in Washington big companies are looking into green technology because they are finding out, in the end, its economical for them and that’s always a plus.

One thing for sure is after you view this film you will never think of the sin the same way you have before. The sun is definitely full of energy and the one source that just keeps on giving. After you watch this inspiring film, please don’t hesitate to tell me what you think and let me know what are some ways you think you could be of service to our planet earth to make it a better place environmentally.

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Windmill Image photo by HBO

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