Pancake Syrup vs Maple Syrup

It’s time to call it quits to the bottle of pancake syrup you may be reaching for on Sunday mornings and introduce yourself to mother natures sweet substance maple syrup. Most pancake syrups are filled with artificial caramel coloring and artificial maple flavoring. There is nothing close to healthy in all the conventional pancake syrup brands we so-called knew and trusted for years that took space in our pantries. On the other hand, maple syrup is not only natural but naturally sweet with a heavenly taste. Yes, it does cost a little more than the fake substances, but it’s worth the extra cost. In the past, there have been reports of possible nutritional benefits to consuming maple syrup, but there hasn’t been enough research to prove those claims. No matter if the nutritional claims are valid or not it’s more than what we can say about brands that are producing artificial substances in a lab somewhere trying to be natural.

If you are purchasing maple syrup for the first time, there are a few things you want to know before buying. Just because the bottle states pure, it doesn’t mean anything. There are no guidelines or rules for manufacturers to abide when it comes down to the term “pure.” It’s always best to first check the ingredients list and then look on the bottle to see where the maple syrup was produced or made. In America, the very best maple syrup comes from Vermont, and some may agree its also known as Maple Syrup country. Vermont is very serious about their famed natural product maple syrup, in fact so serious that there are laws that protect the authenticity of maple syrup itself and maple products with maple syrup used as an ingredient.

When storing maple syrup after opened for the first time you want to place the bottle in the fridge as there are not perseverative or additives that will keep maple syrup from going bad. You don’t have to consume all the maple syrup at once, but you do want to be mindful of how long syrup will stay in the fridge. But I’m sure most consumers won’t have this problem since pancakes and waffles are somewhat of a staple during the weekend and maybe during a normal work week. The pantry is only for unopened bottles of maple syrup maybe you might want to stock up for unexpected guests or a spontaneous breakfast get together. No matter what you have going on there is always a proper way to store maple syrup to keep it fresh and tasty.

Currently, there is a battle with maple syrup and the government about whether maple syrup should be labeled as an added sugar on nutritional labels. In my opinion, I say no because first and foremost, added sugar means what it means. The action of adding sugar to a product to sweeten a substance of product. There are no added sugars during the process of producing pure maple syrup because there is no need to add sugar to a content that’s already sweet naturally. Added sugars should only be accounted for if sugar is added to a product like most processed foods commonly. As for now, don’t be distracted by big food drama the next time you go to your local grocery store pick up a bottle of maple syrup and enjoy natures sweetness.

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