Foxtail Coffee & Vegan Eatery Leguminati Opens in Hourglass District.

The days of driving to winter park for a nice cup of foxtail coffee or tea is no longer necessary. The coffee joint has opened a location south-east of Orlando located in the new hourglass district at 2401 curry ford road. This particular location is unique as it’s not just a coffee shop, but also a vegan eatery and social house offering beer and wine.

OG CRUNCH @ Leguminati | Photo Credit: Xavier Lee

The tasty vegan eatery Leguminati is one that I have never experienced until the soft opening earlier this week. I have to admit I am always a tad bit nervous about trying new vegan foods because I don’t always know what to expect. I’ve had some excellent vegan food and unfortunately some terrible vegan food that tasted like soil. The good news is the vegan food at Leguminati is quite delicious. I had the opportunity to try the Foxtail breakfast sandwich. In my opinion, it was the best vegan breakfast sandwich I’ve tasted yet. Generally, in the morning, I am craving something hearty, and the Foxtail breakfast sandwich was perfect. The bread was soft and crispy in all the right places, and the vegan bacon was divine. I have to say while consuming the sandwich I didn’t once think about where is the meat. This is how you know they got it right, and I was full and content.

Foxtail Coffee | Photo Credit: Xavier Lee

One of the best features I love about all Foxtail locations are all the wood elements used inside at the bar, tables, chairs, etc. There is such a farmhouse feel, but there is always that nice cozy warm ambiance. Last, but not least, the joy of always spotting local products at Foxtail such as kombucha is always a treat. If you haven’t experienced Foxtail coffee yet, you are not living your best life.

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