Eola General

Today I got a chance to experience the soft opening of the Eola General that was once the Handy Pantry. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a fantastic experience. I purposely arrived on an empty stomach to hopefully try something that would dazzle my tongue and stomach. I took a glance at the menu and what stood out to me was the Lake Meadows BLT as in the “Lake Meadows Farm” that is located in the heart of Ocoee, which is 25 minutes west of Downtown Orlando. The BLT was divine and wasn’t too messy overall and full of flavor. Definitely, one of the best BLT sandwiches I have consumed in a while. I enjoyed all the natural elements lots of wood and a beautiful table in the center that appears to be made from reclaimed wood. The interior design at Eola General is industrial but modern as well I love the sort of farmhouse feel. Walking in, I noticed fresh produce and specialty beverages that will delight guests and of course what I love the most about any establishment is when kombucha is available. I just want to just scream of joy. Although I have to admit I hope to see kombucha on tap at some point. I enjoy bottled kombucha, but there is something extraordinary about a fresh pour of kombucha just like the excitement when beer consumers get a refreshing glass of beer on tap. Another feature of EG is the available natural wines that you can have a glass of or purchase by the bottle to take home and enjoy. Natural wines are not always easy to find in most supermarkets, so EG is a great place that you can count on to satisfy your eco wine fix. I had the opportunity to try a few natural wines and got to ask a wine expert about the significant differences between natural wines and conventionally produced wines. After my chat with the wine expert natural wines is the way to go for better quality wine and better for our environment. So happy Eola General is selling wine that is better for our ecosystem and our taste buds. We are not sure yet when the grand opening will be for Eola General we hope sooner than later, and I hope you will get a chance to experience this new wonderful establishment in the historic Lake Eola Heights district. For more information on Eola General, go to their instagram page @eolageneral

Lake Meadows BLT
Eola General Wine Wall

Photos By Xavier Lee

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