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The prestigious artful town Winter Park, FL just gained a new plant based eatery Proper & Wild that was birth by the owners of The Sanctum Cafe located near the Mills 50 district. I had no clue what to expect when I walked into the door. I guess sometimes I can be a little weary trying a new restaurant crafting meals made with plants because I’ve had a few bad experiences with meals made with only plants. I enjoy plant foods immensely, but it does take someone with intense culinary skills to master the art of producing plant foods that takes Damn Good like Proper & Wild. I looked over the menu and I wasn’t sure what to order at first, but I did get a chance to enjoy the ambiance and that’s very important to me because if I don’t enjoy the space that I am in then I can’t enjoy the food. I like the fact that in the front of eatery there are plenty of windows for natural light to shine in. This is a plus for me as so much of my mood depends upon how much sunlight I can soak in.

Proper & Wild | Winter Park, FL

Now of course lets get down to the food I ordered the proper burger which consisted of tomato jam, gem lettuce, onion, dijonnaise, and a house pickle. I didn’t add any cheese but you can add some for an extra two dollars. I was blown away with all the flavor and how tasty the proper burger was. I was left just speechless because when it comes down to veggies burgers its definitely a hit or miss. I highly recommend trying the proper burger you won’t be disappointed. After I ate my sublime burger I was hungry for dessert and decided to order the lemon rosemary cookie which was just right not to sugary and a nice balance of lemon and rosemary. I was happy the rosemary wasn’t over powering because we know for the people that cook with herbs if you put to much of certain herbs that’s all you can taste and its an epic fail. So, I know for sure the people at Proper & Wild know exactly what they are doing to the T. Towards the end of my dining experience at P & W , I enjoyed a nice cup of loose green tea. For more information on Proper & Wild go to Proper and Wild is located at 155 E Morse Blvd Winter Park, FL 32789.

Lemon Rosemary Cookie @ Proper & Wild

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