I’m Samuel Sinclair West AKA Organicboi. I am an Orlando native that loves to blog about food that is either locally-sourced or that is produced or raised sustainably to preserve the earth and environment. I have worked in the supermarket industry for over a decade and have gained so much knowledge about food and consumers relationships with food. I ‘ve read numerous books and articles on how food is grown and cared for in conventional farming and organic farming in the U.S. Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle are my two favorite authors that continue to flood my world full of knowledge on what’s currently happening within our food system. I’ve seen plenty of movies, videos, and documentaries on agriculture dealing with sustainability and farm lifestyle. Sustainability within our food system is often times ignored. As time keeps ticking, consumers have become aware of our broken food system that allows all sorts of artifical additives, preservatives, colorings, fillers, and other non-food elements that just might be lurking in foods you consume on a daily basis, unless of course you eat 100% organic. The real proof is always in the ingredients list of all your food products. I can’t stress enough that reading ingredients is the most important task in a supermarket. If you can’t pronounce several ingredients that seem to be scientific, or there are too many ingredients, move on to the next product. Your health & well-being should always be your top priority.

The idea of starting this blog, Organicboi, just popped up one day when I happened to be in a health food store, and I noticed I never see these wonderful organic, non-GMO products showcased anywhere but health food stores and maybe occasionally in some conventional supermarkets. There are thousands upon thousands of people looking for alternative healthy ways to live, but if consumers have no idea these products exist, what’s the point? This blog is here to inspire people to live green and to live their best life healthy and happy.


Samuel Sinclair West(Organicboi)