Hey there! I’m Samuel Sinclair West (AKA Organicboi). First and foremost, I love food. I’ve worked in the grocery industry for almost twenty years, and I have experienced and learned a lot about food and wellness. Over the course of my time being married to food, my relationship with it changed. What was at the end of my fork started to change, too. I still desired food, of course, but I wanted sustainable, high-quality foods. I wanted to elevate my food palate with delectable selections that would taste good and nourish my body in ways like never before. Living a wellness lifestyle is not just about what I eat but the people, places, and things that help me glow in a world that sometimes feels turbulent.

When I’m not obsessing about food, you can find me in the garden. I enjoy growing herbs, sunflowers, fresh produce, and other botanical friends. There’s just something about gardening that brings peace and tranquility to my life. I also love spending time with friends and family when time permits. It’s always good to connect and catch up; it’s therapy for me. You can bet I will probably drink a cup of tea, my favorite beverage, hot or iced. Cooking and baking are also passions of mine. I enjoy a good cookbook. It’s like going on a trip from my kitchen, depending on what cuisine I find myself exploring. Last but not least, my love of writing has been with me since I was a teenager. The opportunity to share with anyone my thoughts, discoveries, and experiences is amazing; it’s my creative outlet. 

Wellness is my favorite topic, and that’s what organicboi.com will be all about. Let’s build a thriving community together.