Experience A Whole New You This Year!

Posted bySamuel West Posted onJanuary 19, 2024 Comments0

Resolutions for a better year and a new and improved you are what we all work towards in a new year. Below are a few resolutions that I will be striving to work on and thought I would share. Some of my aspirations will be fast to start and achieve, but some of my New Year’s goals will be easier said than done. One thing I like to point out is that you don’t have to beat yourself up if you don’t meet all of your resolutions. What is imperative is that you have a plan. Without a plan, you may experience a domino effect, and no one wants that kind of action to take place at the beginning of a new year.

Save Funds

Building financial wealth is what we all dream of doing. Being financially stable is one way to feel secure as an adult. Top financial advisors state that it’s a great idea to have at least six months of emergency savings. It can be challenging to save, but you may be surprised the mere ten dollars you decide to spend at the coffee shop can add up to significant savings if you choose to make your daily cup of coffee at home instead. Take a look at your last month’s banking statement and pinpoint where you can cut some modern conveniences to help amp up your savings account.

Herb Garden

Fresh herbs over the years have spiked in price-points because of the popularity of plant-based diets are on the rise. You can reduce the number of dollars spent on herbs by starting your own herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow, and you don’t need to have a green thumb. A plant’s life depends on the health of the soil that your plants are rooted in. Join a gardening club, find a gardening book, or ask a nearby neighbor that grows their own food or herbs for advice and tips on how to grow.


Tap into your inner self and find stillness. We all need a moment to relax and reflect. Finding peace in a world of chaos we know can be difficult, but there are solutions to help quiet things down a bit. One possible solution we think you should try is meditating. Meditation may not be the answer to everything you are facing, but it won’t hurt to give it a try if it means that you can be in more of a calm state of mind.

Museum Visit

If you haven’t visited a local gallery in a while plan a visit. Submerge yourself in a world of art of many different art forms. Art can inspire, entertain, inform, and motivate a society. Don’t rush the experience enjoy every minute of the exhibit. Check museums web sites for times, prices, and special events.


Explore a new city or nearby town and experience the destination’s culture. Indulge a bit and try new food, dance to music, and visit historical landmarks that will make the trip unforgettable. There is always something to learn and explore, no matter where you decide to travel.


Seek out ways to reduce the earth’s carbon footprint. Ride your bike to work instead of driving if your workplace is nearby. You may be able to avoid heavy traffic conditions if you live in a very congested area of the city. Plus, getting a little extra fresh air may be the solution you need after a long workday. There are numerous ways we can make a difference, but we must make small changes first as a community before we can make a significant impact. Talk to your local community leaders about alternative forms of transportation that will lead to better sustainability results.