NEW Rishi’s Peach Hibiscus Green Tea

Posted bySamuel West Posted onJuly 3, 2024 Comments0
Peach, Hibiscus, Green Tea

The excitement of the summer season has arrived, and so has iced tea season. It is the time of the year when everyone is hosting backyard BBQs and other fun social occasions. Food and drinks are the star items at every party or gathering. The heat here in Florida has been on the rise, and I have also been looking for new beverages to keep me cool. While on the search at my local health food store, I found a new tea blend from my favorite tea company, Rishi Tea and Botanicals. Recently, they released a seasonally inspired tea blend, Peach, Hibiscus, and Green. I have tried it both hot and iced, but I will have to conclude this blend is better when iced. This blend appeals to me because I am always looking for something different and reflective of the current season. Peach is summer’s favorite stone fruit, and I want to celebrate it by drinking a beverage that’s dedicated to that purpose. The hibiscus is not too strong, and the zenfulness of green tea fits right in with this blend. Caffeine is low, and it’s easy to make. Bring water to 200ºF and steep for approximately five minutes. Add your favorite sweetener of choice. Choose your favorite drinking vessel, add ice, and enjoy it under the golden sun. For more information on this tea blend and other Rishi Tea products, go to

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