January is National Hot Tea Month

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Happy New Year! In addition to the arrival of the new year, it’s also the month of January, which is National Hot Tea Month. Oh Boy do I love a cup of tea. Tea is the beverage of life for many occasions and a daily ritual for me. Tea keeps me grounded and wraps me up in a cozy blanket when life is not so gravy. So, if you have yet to experience the best of tea, I invite you to open the door to a life-changing beverage this month. There are numerous tea types and blends on the market, but there are only a few that I adore most. I have tried so many, but the one brand that I turn to without a doubt is Rishi. The quality of Rishi teas is unmatched, affordable, and sustainable. No matter the type of tea, Rishi is by far one of the best tea purveyors in the industry. Below are a few of my favorite selections. Enjoy the joy of tea.

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  1. Lavender-Mint

Sometimes, a long workday calls for a little relaxation and calmness. That’s when I steep Rishi’s lavender mint. It’s the most relaxing blend with the sootiness of sage, the sweetness of mint, and lavender that will truly calm you and bring you into a moment of stillness. Lavender-mint is what I most often drink right before bedtime with a tablespoon or two of raw local honey.

2. Earl Grey

I have tried so many Earl Grey teas, but Rishi has the best blend. Very flavorful, and I am full of energy to start my day. Some of the national tea brands that produce earl grey lacks flavor and just makes me jittery. Rishi’s Earl Grey is an excellent choice to start your morning off right and a perfect selection for afternoon tea. I add a couple tablespoons of organic raw cane sugar and a dash of milk or plant-based milk. If I am feeling a little fancy, I will add a dash of vanilla extract simply because I am a vanilla super fan. There is never too much vanilla in my life, but don’t take my word for it; try it for yourself.

3. Matcha Super Green

If I’m not in an Earl Grey mood but want a boost of zenful antioxidants, I will steep Rishi’s matcha super green tea. I love the taste; it gives me what I need to feel whole and healthy. There are moments when I feel like I need an extra boost of green goodness. In this case, it’s super green!

4. Quince Eucalyptus 

Since winter is citrus season, I turn to the quince eucalyptus blend for a celebratory herbal infusion. The brisk winter air can be fierce, but I know a cup of tea will warm me up just right. Quince is the star in this tea blend and is beautifully present in citrus flavor. I love the presence of eucalyptus it’s refreshing, but I also enjoy it if I am experiencing any congestion. In addition, there is a slight kick of ginger that gives off a little spice. All in all quince eucalyptus screams winter is here.

5. Sencha 

I’m sure you have heard all the goodness green tea offers. Unfortunately, most green teas on the market lack quality and authentic taste. I was unaware that green tea actually has flavor. I thought it was just tasteless, but the first time I had a cup of Rishi’s sencha I was transformed and I’m sure you will be too. What is Sencha, you might ask? It’s a premium Japanese green tea that has a unique, pleasant flavor and is definitely unforgettable. Just be sure to steep Sencha properly. The leaves are very delicate. Heat spring water to 160 Fahrenheit, and it’s ready in about two minutes, but I steep sencha for about four to five minutes. I like a very bold taste. Enjoy the wonders of Sencha green tea.

For more information on featured teas go to Rishi-tea.com


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  1. Thanks for sharing your insights on the best teas for the season! I also love the lavender mint! Can’t wait to try the others!

  2. Yaasss Speedy!! Loved it! Im not a big tea fan but because this was intrested and awesomely narrated, lol, I’m going to try it!!! YOU GO SAMMIE!!!

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