Orlando’s Favorite Salad Bar: Greens & Grille

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The absolute best salad bar in Orlando is Greens and Grille. The quality of the greens is unmatched. They have a pleasant crisp taste and are always fresh. The salad dressings and vinaigrettes are house-made, so you don’t have to worry about mass-produced junk that other salad bars may apply. Greens and Grille offers a list of delectable signature salads, but if none of their specialty salads meet your needs, you can customize your salad. 

The summer sweets salad is the prime salad that made me fall in love with Greens and Grille. I love the symphony of colorful vegetables and fruit. I had never experienced the pairing before in a salad. I wasn’t a salad consumer before Greens and Grille; most salads were bland and flavorless. Fast forward to today. I now customize my own summer sweets variation when I crave a salad. Over time, I’ve come to like some ingredients more than others. 

If salad greens are not your cup of tea, Greens and Grille has tasty sandwiches your taste buds will love and appreciate. My favorite sandwich is “THE COW.” It is so delectable and very flavorful. It is made with Angus flank steak, onions, tomatoes, sautéed bacon, chipotle lime dressing, white cheddar—which I normally omit—and, of course, my favorite, fresh slices of avocado, all served on rustic French bread. You can opt for a wrap if you are counting the calories in the bread. 

Water is my beverage of choice with my salad. However, Greens and Grille also offers apple juice, sparkling flavored waters, wine, iced teas, locally sourced beers, and more. If you haven’t experienced Orlando’s best salad bar, you are in for a treat. For more information on available sublime options at Greens and Grille, go to greensandgrille.com.

Originally published in Organicboi Magazine Spring 2022 | Let Spring Begin!

Photos by Xavier Lee

1.Turkey Club Wrap 2. The Cow 3. Salmon Custom Salad